Hotvelociti Cycling Apparel: Womens and Mens Bicycle Clothing. Uniquely-Styled Cycling Jerseys, Matching Accessories & Bike Socks.


Spring 2007:

Original Cycling Apparel by Hotvelociti.
Comfortable, and Stylish Bicycle Clothing:  Men's and Women's Bike Jerseys and Cycling Accessories.

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Women's Cycling Apparel

Men's Cycling Apparel

Hotvelociti Cycling Apparel introduces its Spring-2007 line of men's and women's bicycle clothing. All of our mens and womens cycling jerseys are made with wicking polyester that deters snags and stands up wear after wear while on the bike. Every men's and women's bicycle clothing design is a result of collaboration among design-oriented people, creating men's and women's cycling apparel that's comfortable and stylish for life on the bicycle.

The ideas behind Hotvelociti's cycling apparel began with the frustration over name-brand bike bicycle clothing. To ride a bicycle in comfort, one often had to wear cycling jerseys that were ill-fit, had cycling team advertising on it, and had undesirable jersey features. We wanted to make cycling clothing that's stylish, comfortable, and functional for riding a bike: We set out to create bike apparel that cyclists love to wear-- cycling clothing to be seen in.

All of Hotvelociti's bike apparel designs are original. They don't include corporate advertising or banners that belong to pro cycling teams. Instead, the bicycle jersey designs stand out as a fashion statement in cycling rather than as an advertising gimmick in clothing.

The polyester in the bike jerseys have wicking properties that are desirable in cycling active wear. The clothing material is durable, breathable, and doesn't retain moisture (this is important for keeping dry on the bicycle and maintaining temperature control).

All of the cycling jerseys include zippers for easy on-off use. With that, there's no need to struggle to put on or remove your favorite cycling apparel. In addition, all of the bike jerseys include 3 back pockets-- even on the small women's cycling jerseys! (These problems are especially troublesome in women's cycling apparel. Often, small women's bicycle jerseys have only 2 back pockets and don't have a long jersey zipper. So Hotvelociti created women's bike apparel to fit women in the same way the men's bicycle apparel fits men.)

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In Hotvelociti, you'll find a variety of cycling clothing made to fit you. With womens bike apparel sizes ranging from 4-12 (S-L), and mens bicycle apparel ranging from 33-52 (S-XXL), we have cycling apparel for everyone who wants to ride a bicycle in comfort and style.

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